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Our unique approach helps deliver a sustained shift in business performance, by guiding clients through strategic change.

We help leaders engage the business to deliver their vision.

We partner with HR departments to embed the skills and behaviours to support that vision.


One Performance’s combination of services is designed to help our clients achieve sustained growth through the development of their people and teams. Our highly experienced consultants cover the entire UK from our offices based in Cambridge and Cheshire.

We use a unique blend of consulting, coaching and training, coupled with our advanced diagnostic tools. This approach has helped deliver performance improvements to well-known brands in almost every industry sector.

Our bespoke interventions help leadership teams achieve strategic clarity and engage the business in their new objectives.

Once strategic objectives are clear, we partner with HR departments to help deliver the required shift in people performance. Our input enables HR to recognise and address the gaps in skills and knowledge so that attitudes and behaviours are aligned to deliver a sustained performance improvement.

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The vast majority of our clients are focused on embedding strategic changes. Our interventions guide clients to get clarity on objectives and strategy, communicate their vision to the rest of the business and change the behaviour of managers and individuals.

Our unique approach helps address the gaps that exist between what leaders and managers used to do, and what they are now expected to do, to deliver the new vision.

Rather than creating a dependency on our services, our work leaves a legacy, in the form of a culture which actively sustains the shift in business performance.


Our team of highly experienced management consultants will help improve the performance of your organisation quickly and efficiently. By examining existing management procedures, industry specific consultants will develop plans for improvement, drawing on their specialist expertise.

Our consultants work with leadership teams to set ambitious targets and communicate these effectively with the rest of the business. As part of our consulting services, we develop plans to shift organisational behaviour and transform the culture of a business. These plans are not only designed as a catalyst for change, but help sustain the positive changes in behaviour for good.

Our experience with performance improvement, in a wide range of industries, means we know exactly which metrics to measure, to reliably predict positive changes in behaviour, attitudes and performance.


Our coaches are all proven and highly experienced business leaders. It’s a core principle for us that we’ve all been in our clients’ shoes. They still deliver as executives through directorships, non-exec and Chairman positions, as well as managing their own successful businesses. This allows them to add value gained through their own strategic thinking, operational excellence and leadership.

But high quality coaching needs more than that. It needs skilled and highly experienced coaches who can quickly build a bond of trust, mutual respect and openness. It needs the experience to know how hard to challenge and when. It needs the intuition to know when things are not how they appear. And it needs the skill, tact and care to guide and inspire people to lasting change.

Our clients tell us we do that very well. That we make a significant difference to the way they think
and ultimately act, achieving more through our coaching programmes than many thought possible
at the outset. We enjoy turning the uncertain into advocates.


We can design and deliver bespoke training and management development interventions for any industry. Our programmes help address gaps in leadership and management development, technical expertise, product knowledge and sales skills.

Our training programmes help clients to educate, motivate and engage their staff, whilst enabling them to retain employees and reduce the costs associated with staff turnover.


Our suite of online 360 feedback and psychological assessments help us pinpoint the gaps in leadership, management, skills, values and behaviours. Our tools help both individuals and teams identify their strengths and key development needs. Bespoke surveys and assessments can be designed and deployed quickly and effectively using our state-of-the-art online platform.

Our industry specific consultants have the experience to determine exactly which metrics provide the most insight into a particular performance challenge. Our diagnostic tools then allow organisations to quickly focus their attention on the areas that will make the biggest difference to performance, and measure the changes over time.


Our model for sustained performance shift:

We have a tried and tested model we use to help our clients move from performance level ‘A’ to performance level ‘B’. This has proven to help clients understand the dependency between each activity.

The process begins by helping leadership teams to achieve total Strategic Clarity and once clear on their new direction, we work with them to engage the rest of the business in their vision.

We help identify gaps in skills, knowledge and resources that will hold back the delivery of the vision. By addressing these gaps we reinforce positive attitudes which ultimately results in what the client wants – an increase in performance.

By helping to embed a culture of effective communication and high performance teaming, our clients are well equipped to sustain the increase in performance over time.


We have a suite of leadership and management services that help organisations get the best from their most important asset, their people. Each of these services are bespoke to the individual needs of each client but adhere to their own, well proven methodologies.

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Our Vista executive coaching model is a tried and tested formula, empowers managers to increase their own performance and get more from their teams.


Executive Coaching

Our Drive management development programmes ensure organisations have a consistent succession of employees, ready to move up to their next level of leadership.


Management Development

Our Shift leadership team development programmes help senior teams who are working towards new goals, or coming together as a newly formed team.


Leadership Team Development

Prism diagnostics is a suite of on-line tools that give effective and timely feedback on key employee performance metrics.



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    Who we have helped

    We work with a host of blue-chip clients from a wide range of industries. We’re bound by confidentiality agreements
    with many of our customers but a selection of our clients and industry sectors that we can talk about
    are outlined below

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    Founding Partners

    Richard Leech

    Richard Leech

    Managing Partner

    Richard has dedicated the past fifteen years of his career to performance improvement work.

    David Palser

    David Palser

    MBA, Senior Partner

    David has an infectious enthusiasm for helping individuals and organisations maximise their outcomes.


    Richard Leech

    Managing Partner

    richard-leechRichard has dedicated the past fifteen years of his career to performance improvement work.

    His early career with Ciba-Geigy and Novartis took him around the world in a range of roles as diverse as; management trainee, in sales and marketing, leader of strategy and strategic change and in general management. Following three years with Deustche Bank’s then global investment banking brand Wood Mackenzie he reflected on the things that had really influenced him and set up a training consultancy business.

    Over the years Richard has had the great fortune to work with some truly world leading companies, many of the Sunday Times top 100 as well as smaller privately owned companies and latterly very enlightened leaders in the public sector.

    Brands he has worked with, that are well known, include Experian, Bunzl, Vodafone, O2, GAME, Pfizer, Novartis, Syngenta, Hyundai, Ford, Land Rover, Jaguar, Peugeot, Barclays, Deutsche Bank, BP, The Environment Agency and Triumph Motorcycles. Other, less well known, but none the less fascinating, clients include Jagex, Cosworth, WhiteConcierge, Bauer Media, Mind Candy, SwiftKey, Reevoo and SolutionsPT.

    Richard is an alumni of Henley Business School and now specialises in; strategy, transition/change management, leadership and management development, sales and commercial skills training, customer experience development, employee engagement and performance improvement.


    David Palser

    MBA, Senior Partner

    David-PalserDavid has an infectious enthusiasm for helping individuals and organisations maximise
    their outcomes.

    David started his career with Sir Clive Sinclair and stayed in electronics for many years. He moved through a range of sales roles, to Sales Director and eventually Managing Director of a pan-European supplier of electronic components to the military. When this business was sold to an American organisation he took stock of his career.

    Following an offer from Manchester Business School, where he completed his MBA, he became Visiting Fellow, guiding students through a range of thorny topics such as strategy, change and transformation management, finance and marketing.

    In parallel to this Fellowship he co-founded Campus Business Development at the University and built this into a successful consultancy. Following several years working in interim MD roles, providing consultancy and working with some fascinating clients his business was absorbed by One Performance.

    David specialises in helping clients transform their businesses through strategy, transformation management, process efficiency and people development. He has worked with brands as diverse as the NHS, Transport for London, Centrica, Lexus, Newsquest, Vita Group, Dow Chemical, BeCogent to name but a few.

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