Embracing Change: Using Technology to Lead Better

“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” Charles Darwin

The marketplace is changing rapidly. Leaders must adapt to these new challenges and opportunities. With that in mind, here are a few tips on using new technology to your advantage….

Create a more productive workforce through use of consumer technologies

Devices like smartphones and tablets are creating a real splash in the workplace. They’re ‘freeing’ employees, enabling flexible working, and research suggests this can really spike sales and profits as well as employee satisfaction.

Avanade’s recent survey of over 600 CEOs and IT decision makers, revealed that the growth of consumer devices in the workplace is changing the way business is done. Staff now use calendars, check emails and documents on their smartphones, and a third are using tablets to complete work.

Organisations that recognise the benefits are changing their business processes accordingly, to further enable their use. Previous concerns about security are relatively easily addressed with the aid of cloud technology.

These kinds of technology allow you to get the best from your people, offering them a convenient way to work, which also benefits your business.

Process Automation: Using data to generate better performance

Business process automation refers to software that can be used to help best manage our time. It’s long been used in call centres, but is increasingly appearing in more senior functions. The software can manage workflow to do things like list your tasks, note how long it took, and then record the outcome. This generates data to be analysed and shared, offering an insight into how our time can be spent most productively. For example, what was the outcome of a phone call? Or an email? What did a meeting achieve? And did you do it because that’s how you’ve always done it, or because it achieved the best result?

This data allows us to gather knowledge about what works, and what actually achieves the desired result. This means you can maximise both your own time, and the time of those you lead too.

Embrace social media platforms

As social media continues to grow, many employers are worried about staff spending too much time on Facebook and Twitter. Attempts to block the use of social media haven’t really worked – but those who have embraced it have achieved better results.

Social platforms like Yammer, a social platform specifically designed for the workplace, can result in a more engaged workforce. Employees have access to social media, can use the platform to engage in the company culture, collaborate on projects and actually have a voice in the organisation, making them feel more valued.

Technology can result in not just greater productivity but a more engaged and happy workforce. It is an opportunity to grow. How is your organisation reacting to it?