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    Management Development

    DRIVE is an end-to-end management development solution, designed to help HR and L&D professionals achieve outstanding results for their organisations quickly and efficiently. DRIVE can help with the following key areas of management development:

    • Identifying development needs
    • Programme design
    • Programme delivery
    • Measurement & review

    How our DRIVE management development solution works:


    We have helped some of the UK’s biggest brands increase performance, and sustain this growth through our DRIVE management development programme.

    1. Needs Analysis

    We will quickly understand your strategic goals, and help identify the development priorities to achieve your specific objectives. Using a suite of on-line surveys and BPS accredited behavioural profiling tools, we help uncover gaps in skills, values and behaviours which will impact future performance.

    Our surveys are tailored to the specific requirements of each client, allowing the results to be closely aligned with your key objectives. This means we can design programmes which enable your managers to translate business strategy into increased performance, quickly and efficiently.

    2. Programme Design

    Our many years of designing programmes, and measuring their success, means that we can quickly identify which performance metrics will accurately predict an outcome. Mapping these metrics to the objectives of your organisation allows us to design programmes which produce measurable results far more quickly.

    Depending on the needs identified, our development frameworks could include:

    • Skills training
    • Facilitated workshops
    • Executive & team coaching

    3. Programme Delivery

    Our programmes deliver behavioural change, not learning for learning’s sake. All the exercises are highly interactive and provide practical development, which delegates can take back to the workplace and put into practice immediately.

    Our inspirational trainers, facilitators and coaches all have highly credible track records in senior leadership roles. They are not generalists or career trainers, they’re industry specialists who bring solid, real-life case studies which are applied to the learning. It’s this emphasis on practical learning which really gets results.

    4. Performance Measurement & Review

    We absolutely love the performance measurement and review process! We obsess about the results our development delivers, and this is the part of the programme where we get to see the outcome of our efforts.

    The process of measuring results begins during the programme design stage, so the learning outcomes are tightly aligned with your strategic objectives. It’s an ongoing process of on-line reviews and 360° feedback surveys, coupled with staff and management interviews, so both performance and needs can be tracked over time.