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    Effective and timely feedback is a key contributor to rapid growth and performance improvement within an organisation.  Whether you’re focused on individual or team development, PRISM will help to accelerate your progress.

    Bespoke to each client, PRISM is an on-line suite of 360° feedback and BPS accredited personality profiling tools. These tools allow organisations to quickly focus their attention on the areas that will make the biggest difference to the performance of their managers, leaders and teams. PRISM has been specifically designed to help both individuals and teams identify their strengths and key development needs, enabling them to create effective development and coaching plans and track their progress along the way.

    PRISM Management Diagnostics:

    Our management diagnostics tools allow organisations to identify what skills their leaders and managers need and establish whether they have the correct tools to do their job. It helps identify where additional support is required and pinpoint areas for constructive feedback. Results from the feedback will help make managers more accountable for their actions and provide the organisation with a set of key competencies which they can track performance against.

    Some of the detailed insights which the management diagnostics uncovers include:

    • An understanding of an individual’s strengths and weaknesses
    • Clarity on what is important for high performance
    • Insight into the impact their leadership style has on the teams and people around them
    • Clarity on what they need to continue and what to change in order to develop and improve
    • The ability to benchmark and track management performance
    • Metrics on the impact of management development
    • Needs analysis for leadership and management
    • A foundation for bespoke Executive Coaching


    PRISM Team Diagnostics:

    Our team diagnostics produce a comprehensive picture of the way a team or group of teams are currently working, and the factors that are shaping their performance. The results enable the team to start facing the issues that are reducing or preventing performance, and helps prioritise the key areas for improvement and enable the process of building high performance teams.

    Some of the benefits of our team diagnostics solutions include:

    • Providing team leaders with an understanding of the impact their management style has on team performance
    • Increasing the level of accountability, trust and recognition within a team
    • Allowing team members to clarify and align activities and behaviours with overall team goals
    • Increasing the extent to which team members feel motivated by the goals
    • Providing insight into the effectiveness of the team’s processes
    • Improving the quality and effectiveness of relationships within a team
    • Providing a robust mechanism by which improvements can be measured over time
    • Allowing team coaches to target critical questions with greater accuracy and speed