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    Leadership Team Development

    Often, when an organisation’s Senior Leadership Team is working toward new goals, the mixture of personalities within the team can make the necessary transition on focus tricky.

    Many of our existing clients have had similar challenges and we have developed a well-proven approach to help them overcome these. Our SHIFT Leadership Team Development programme starts by providing senior teams with:

    • An ability for each individual to understand their own personality better than they currently do, the positive impact they have on others, with an appreciation of their ‘blindspots’ – the things they do that other people find less compelling!
    • An understanding of what makes a high performing business team so that each individual can start the process of contributing more powerfully and holistically to the organisation’s goals.


    From this, powerful leadership teams can be created. These teams have the ability to transform the performance of their business through the behaviour of leaders, managers and operational team members.

    Each client has a different set of challenges they need to overcome, not to mention individual personalities. As a result, our SHIFT programmes are bespoke to each particular client.

    Our SHIFT programme could include:

    • On-line psychometric profiling
    • Facilitated team workshops
    • One-on-one executive coaching