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    Executive Coaching

    We provide executive coaching throughout the UK using our teams based in Cambridge and Cheshire. We help managers and executives of all levels improve their own performance and get better results from their teams.

    VISTA, our widely acclaimed, trademarked coaching methodology, has had remarkable results over many years, as our glowing testimonials from all major industry sectors will testify.  What makes VISTA so successful is our team of fully accredited professional coaches; who are all serving Board members of high performing UK organisations.

    VISTA is both an acronym and an alternative to the word ‘vision’. This highly effective method of executive coaching incorporates 5 key stages and unfolds as follows:

    Vision – Your executive coaching will enable you to tell a story 3 years from now. This creates a focus on what’s really important for you:

    • What will you have achieved at work?
    • What might you have achieved personally or in your home life?
    • What will you be aiming to achieve in the subsequent three years?


    Insight – The coach’s role shifts to look at the gap between the 3 year vision and the current reality:

    • Do the work goals impact on the home goals?
    • Do any goals require new skills and knowledge?
    • How much do you want the changes identified?


    Self–awareness – Executive coaching uncovers an understanding of what stands in your way:

    • How does your personality shape the way you interact with people?
    • What is your most natural and favoured working style?
    • How does your motivation help or hinder you?


    Thinking – The executive coach opens your mind to new concepts and ways of thinking:

    • What stops you being clear on the course of action?
    • What is the range of options available to you right now?
    • What is the cost of inaction?


    Action – The executive coach makes a powerful course of action inevitable:

    • What is it you want to achieve?
    • What metrics can you measure?
    • What other indicators will enable you to know you’ve made a difference?

    See below for some quotes from previous VISTA Executive Coaching clients:

    “Executive coaching from One Performance changed my business and my life, their coaching skills are superb with carefully placed questions and prods they make the coaching seem easy.   This light touch and emphasis on self-reliance makes the process not only enjoyable but also one which sticks with you for the long run. As a result I became a much more effective manager and person.”
    Dominic Irwin, Group CFO, Giordano International

    I’m ready to fly now, following a six month executive coaching programme which addressed personal confidence and clarity of action.

    Spending time with you is valuable because it always gets me to the point of action.

    Coaching has been invaluable for enabling focus on what’s important strategically and immediately
    Global Product Team Lead

    It’s easy to lose sight of what needs doing and when. Coaching gave me the confidence to follow my gut, but it also opened my eyes to other responsibilities of the CEO
    CEO (following a 150 day executive coaching programme)